Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard that your salespeople do "phone sales." Are you a telemarketing company?
No. Our sales are all business-to-business advertising sales. We help companies like Xerox, Kodak, and Intel develop their business by advertising in our three national trade magazines.

I've always been interested in a sales job. Do I need sales experience to apply for your sales positions?
Not always. In fact, some of our most successful salespeople had no sales experience prior to joining our company. At times we’re able to partner new employees with veteran sales reps during training. Our comprehensive 6-month training program can prepare you to be successful in advertising sales.

I've been interested in sales jobs, but with a family, I can't take the chance on a 100% commission-based sales position. Is your company different?
Yes. All of our salespeople receive a base salary with unlimited commissions and bonuses on top of their salary.

I make good money where I am now. Why should I consider your sales position?
As a sales representative, you will earn commission and bonuses on top of your base salary. Several of our sales reps earned in excess of $100,000 last year.

I've never heard of your magazines. Who reads them?
Our magazines have over 120,000 subscribers a month and are read by the top executives of leading information technology companies.

I see that you advertise frequently. Do you have high turnover?
No. Actually, we have very low turnover. We advertise often because we are a growing company. The company has shown steady growth in our number of employees, magazine circulation, and revenue over our history and it is our desire to continue that growth.

Why did the company move recently?
Plain and simple, we outgrew our 15,000 square-foot headquarters and needed the nearly 23,000 square feet available at Knowledge Park. In addition, we believe Knowledge Park provides one of the finest work atmospheres and employee amenities in the Erie area. (Click here for details on Knowledge Park.)

Why did you change your name?
It’s an effort to eliminate confusion among our potential job applicants in the Erie, PA area.

In May 1980, when our company was founded with only three employees in the small town of Corry, PA, the name “Corry Publishing” was appropriate. But since we moved our headquarters to Erie in the mid-1990s, there has been confusion among some Erieites that our office is still located 45 minutes away in Corry. We’ve grown to nearly 80 employees today and believe we can attract more applicants and grow even faster with a new name.

Why did you choose the name “Jameson Publishing?”
Because we are a people-oriented company, we thought it would be noble to rename the company after someone who made a significant contribution to its early success. Jameson Publishing honors the late James Peterson, the father of Rick and Terry Peterson, our company’s founders/owners. Jim was self-employed and a major influence on his sons both personally and professionally.

“Jameson” is a combination of “James” and “Peterson.” Also, the etymology of “Jameson” is “son of James,” so the name is also a subtle tie-in to our company’s long-time owners.

I've heard your hiring process is difficult and lengthy. Is that true?
Yes. It’s longer than most because a career change is an extremely important decision. We believe our detailed process allows our company and candidates to determine if there is a fit for the position. As a result, our turnover rate is low and employee satisfaction is high.

Why are there so many interviews in your hiring process?
Our interview process is designed to look for a fit between the candidate and the responsibilities of the position. This process allows candidates to assess whether we’re a good fit for them as well. As a result, our turnover rate is low and employee satisfaction is high.

I applied to your company last year and was not hired. I really want to work for a growing, local company. What should I do?
Please apply with us again. At times, new positions open up or the qualifications for a position change. We are always looking for great people.

Why do you test your candidates?
Our employment screening consists of testing and an interview with our corporate recruiter in our office. This process helps determine if the position and our company are a good fit for the candidate. As a result, our turnover rate is low and employee satisfaction is high.

I don’t have related experience for the positions you’re advertising. What kind of experience is required for positions and is training available?
All of our non-sales positions require a minimum of two years of professional experience. We provide training on your responsibilities once you begin. Our team of managers and other veteran employees will mentor you throughout your career.

Your ads say that you have a premium benefits package. What makes your benefits “premium?”
We offer competitive medical, dental, and vision coverage for our employees and their families. Please see the benefits section for a full list of benefits.

I’m ready to take my career to the next step. What are my opportunities for advancement?
There are several. We have training programs, skilled managers, and an aggressive company growth plan that will foster your professional growth.