Success Stories

We are a different kind of company, and we’re different by design. Jameson Publishing employees embrace challenges and competition, innovate to exceed customer expectations, and strive for honesty and high integrity. We believe a force of enthusiastic, loyal, ambitious co-workers is our #1 competitive advantage and is the foundation to a company’s long-term success. Individual career growth at Jameson is based on achieving outcomes, not on seniority. Click on any photo to meet some outstanding Jameson team members.

Mike Barbalaci began his career in the sales training program at Jameson Publishing in 1985 when company sales revenue was $350,000. Today he's one of the top salespeople at the multi-million company. Mike's exceptional dedication and communication skills have helped him build a successful career with the company.

Mike Barbalaci
Account Executive

Since joining the company in 1997, Ed Hess has held several key positions on the editorial side of the business. As the Publishing Director for Jameson’s magazines and web sites, he serves as a leader in new and existing market growth.

Ed Hess
Publishing Director

Circulation Manager Karen Burkett began her Jameson Publishing career in 1999. Karen's problem-solving and vendor relationship management skills have helped increase the circulation of the company's national business-to-business trade publications.

Karen Burkett
Circulation Manager

Ken Congdon, a Jameson employee since 2003, is the Chief Editor for Healthcare Technology Online. Ken is now regarded as one of the foremost experts covering this industry, and has been named among the top 10 most influential people on social media in the healthcare market.

Ken Congdon

Melinda Fadden joined Jameson Publishing in 1994 as the Circulation Director for the company’s business-to-business magazines. She is responsible for the ongoing sourcing, validation, and renewal efforts of a combined circulation of over 100,000 subscribers.

Melinda Fadden
Circulation Director

Derek Van Slyke joined the company in 1998. He was a top performing Customer Relationship Manager prior to becoming a Sr. Sales Coach for sister company Howland Peterson Consulting. Derek works with the Jameson sales team to provide valuable training and mentoring. He is also an active member of the Erie Sales Club.

Derek VanSlyke
Sr. Sales Coach

Erie native Tim Ulrich began the Jameson Publishing sales training program as a new Penn State Behrend graduate in 2001. Tim's exceptional discipline and communications skills have enabled him to play a key part for the company in the roles of sales, management, and product development.

Tim Ulrich

Ed Heidt joined Jameson in 2007 with a background in retail operations management. He began his career with the company as the Operations Manager in our Erie office. Because of Ed's combined skill set in operations and retail management, he was able to take on the role of Sales Manager for Business Solutions Magazine in 2012.

Ed Heidt
Sales Manager

Mike Monocello joined Jameson in 2006 as an editor and now serves as an Editor-in-Chief for Business Solutions Magazine. Because of the industry knowledge and expertise he gained on the job, Mike is regularly requested to attend customer conferences and moderate panel discussions. These events have taken Mike to locations such as Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

Mike Monecello

Jon Howland began his career at Jameson in 1993 as a Sales Representative. Because of his exceptional leadership abilities and critical thinking skills, Jon now serves as the company’s Vice President of Sales, Vice President of Publishing for Life Science Leader magazine, and President of sister-company Howland Peterson Consulting.

Jon Howland
Vice President of Sales

Erie native Jim Roddy began his career at Jameson Publishing in 1998 as a Managing Editor. Since that time, he has improved his communication and critical thinking skills, earning him the title of company President and General Manager.

Jim Roddy, President
And General Manager

Tim Maciulewicz, a Sr. Sales Representative,  joined the Jameson sales training program in 2002. Tim’s exceptional customer relationships have made him one of the top sales performers (over $1 million in annual sales) and earned him multiple company-paid sales goal trips to a tropical resort.

Tim Maciulewicz
Sr. Account Executive

Lucas Marsh began his sales career with Jameson Publishing in 2000. Now a top-performing Sr. Sales Representative, Lucas has developed into an industry expert and invaluable sales consultant to his customers, earning several company-sponsored goal trips.

Lucas Marsh
Sr. Account Executive

Tracy Tasker started her career with Jameson Publishing in 2001 as a Sales Representative. Now the Sales Manager of one of Jameson's multi-million dollar products, Tracy's hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm have contributed to the company's continued growth and success.

Tracy Tasker
Sales Manager

In 2000, Dan Schell began his career at Jameson Publishing as an Editor for Business Solutions Magazine. Dan's exceptional dedication and hard work have earned him the title Editorial Director, and he now plays an active role in every Jameson magazine and web site.

Dan Schell
Editorial Director

Joe Mureo began his career with Jameson Publishing as a Sales Representative in 2000. Because of Joe's commitment to his customers and years of market experience he gained on the job, he is a Sr. Account Executive who has earned the business of several nationally recognized companies and earned several company-sponsored sales goal trips.

Joe Mureo
Sr. Account Executive

Lynn Netkowicz joined Jameson Publishing in 2001. Lynn's uncommon initiative, customer service skills, and attention to detail earned her the Production Manager position for the multi-million dollar national magazine publisher.

Lynn Netkowicz
Production Manager

Matt Pillar began his career with Jameson Publishing in 2001 as an Editor. Matt is now regarded as an expert in the retail industry and regularly travels to deliver presentations and meet with Fortune 1000 executives.

Matt Pillar